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Guangzhou Stars Pulse Co., Ltd

Positioning the world's leading technology beauty care group, focusing on health and beauty, multi brand layout. Star joy has comprehensive oral care brand , usmile, and a new beauty brand, Kitty Annie. Deeply loved by young consumers, he is an industry leader with good market share, consumer reputation and social influence.



The brands of STARS PULSE

Comprehensive oral care brand
Science reshapes the beauty of skin

Usmile, the comprehensive oral care brand of Guangzhou Stars Pulse Co., Ltd. , advocates oral care like skin care, and focuses on the perfect integration of scientific and technological aesthetics and use efficiency into the whole line of oral care products, and is committed to improving the oral health of the whole people.

Founded in 2019, Annie chengshe is a brand new beauty and body care brand of Stars Pulse. It is co founded by a number of young and cutting-edge scientists in different fields. It integrates dermatology, efficacy active substance, formula system, electronic software and hardware, and adheres to the scientific skin care concept of deep collaboration between skin care products and beauty instruments. It adopts scientific research and development methods and rigorous efficacy test system To provide users with scientific skin care solutions with verifiable excellent efficacy.

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Interstellar Yuedong is fully upgraded, and the parent company of usmile starts a multi-brand strategic layout


On December 29, 2020, the parent company of usmile was changed from Guangzhou Haoxing Bay Technology Co., Ltd. to Guangzhou Stars Pulse Co., Ltd.

usmile comprehensive visual rejuvenation: advocating to care for the oral cavity like skin care


On December 29, 2020, the parent company of usmile, China's first comprehensive oral care brand, was renamed from Guangzhou Haoxing Bay Technology Co., Ltd. to Guangzhou Stars Pulse Co., Ltd.

How to effectively dialogue with consumers? Here is a hey tech coup


The more advertisements are put on, the more puzzled brands will be. Why is it more and more difficult for consumers to pay?

Starting from the FMCG logic, the growth path of the cutting-edge electric toothbrush brand usmile


Today in 2020 , Looking at Weibo, I can't find a big V who has not accepted the advertisement of electric toothbrushes ; This is not only a joke.



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