Group positioning

Committed to become the world's leading technology beauty care group

Group profile

Guangzhou Stars Pulse Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Stars Pulse Co., Ltd. is positioned as the world's leading technology beauty care group, focusing on health and beauty, with multi brand layout. Star joy has the first comprehensive oral care brand in China, usmile, and a new beauty brand, Kitty Annie. Deeply loved by young consumers, he is an industry leader with good market share, consumer reputation and social influence.

"Stars Pulse" implies that each brand of the group is a bright star, and multiple brands interact harmoniously to form a vast scientific and technological beauty to protect the interstellar universe. Star joy will focus on "Smart Life" and "science and technology consumables" to subvert the leading innovative technology, bring a pleasant experience of science and technology beauty care for every modern consumer, and lead the new life of Z generation beauty care consumption.

Stars Pulse's offline stores cover the whole country, and its brands will enter more than 5000 offline stores to establish cooperation with Watsons, Ole, ITO yanghuatang, Sanya duty-free shop, Hangzhou building and other offline high-quality channel providers.


Group vision

Committed to becoming the world's leading science and technology beauty care group

Group mission

Around the smart life, science and technology consumables, to subvert the leading innovative technology, leading Z generation of beauty care consumer life, For every modern consumer to bring a pleasant experience of science and technology beauty care.

The course of development

Entering personal care, subverting the industry, launching a leading brand of electric toothbrushes

Launched the first Y1 Macaron color sonic electric toothbrush
The industry has shifted from imitating European and American big names to imitating usmile
3 million users choose, sales far exceed 1 billion so far
Exclusive patent leads the scientific research strength of the industry
With 150 + patents, it escorts the scientific and technological strength of the brand
Standard setter of electric toothbrush
Usmile becomes China home appliance Association
The first group standard maker of electric toothbrush
Incubation of Meihu technology sub brand
Beauty scientist brand Kitty annie
Meet the dual needs of safety and efficacy
Breaking the limitation of traditional skin care
Enter into comprehensive oral care, break the monopoly of sales in Europe and America, and become a champion domestic brand
Become the first domestic electric toothbrush brand in sales volume
2020.11.11 day sales exceed 100 million
The sales of tmall platform surpass that of ole-b, and rival that of Philips
More than 5000 offline stores
Expand offline layout and open multi-channel strategy
High end supermarkets such as professional stomatological hospital, Huawei glory store, Watsons store, ITO Yanghua store, etc