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Starting from the FMCG logic, the growth path of the cutting-edge electric toothbrush brand usmile

Today in 2020 , "Looking at Weibo, I can't find a big V who has not accepted the advertisement of electric toothbrushes ." This is not only a joke, but also the true state of the electric toothbrush brand after the aggressive launch of the electric toothbrush two years ago.


In such a noisy marketing environment, there is a brand that successfully went out of the circle this summer. It provides another promotion idea for electric toothbrushes and even for FMCG categories-find a script that is highly compatible with you, and embed it in the plot from the beginning of the setting.


This brand is usmile . In the most out-of-circle family-themed TV series "In the Name of Family" this summer, usmile became part of the storyline.


My sister loves sweets, but she has bad teeth but is afraid to go to the hospital. So the eldest brother became a dentist at the usmile dental clinic when he grew up . The younger brother Zhang Xincheng would remind his sister to brush her teeth with the usmile electric toothbrush in the morning and go to the usmile clinic for follow- up visits in time.


Outside the play, Zhang Xincheng , the actor of the official announcement of usmile, acted as the brand spokesperson. At the same time, he closely followed the plot during the hot TV series, interacted with the spokesperson fans on social media, and doubled the spread effect.



usmile spokesperson Zhang Xincheng


According to statistics, usmile has appeared in as many as 12 episodes in the play , but because of the deep binding of the brand and content, not only did it not cause disgust, but it was also discussed because it drove the plot, which can be said to be a very clever commercial implantation. In terms of popularity, usmile seems to be far behind the two giants of electric toothbrushes Philips and Oral B , but its market performance is unexpected. According to business staff data, from January to September 2020 , usmile ’s market share of electric toothbrushes on the Tmall platform was 11.2% , surpassing Oral B and second only to Philips, ranking second in the entire electric toothbrush category, domestically produced Electric toothbrushes ranked first. As of the first half of 2020 , usmile ’s contribution to the growth of the electric toothbrush category has reached 42.9% Brand Planet is curious that usmile is not the one that has made the most KOL placements, nor is it the cheapest. Why is it that usmile has seized the head position among many emerging domestic brands .


▍Using user insights to reversely define products


Different from many electric toothbrush brands positioning small household appliances, usmile founder Chen Jianqun believes that electric toothbrushes are actually a fast-moving consumer goods. The foundation for usmile to settle down is "the ability to understand and perceive users." This cognition further affects the logic of usmile's entire brand building.


For the 90 , the 95 For the younger age groups and so on, by Philips, Oral- B leading the "science and technology industrial wind" too homogeneous, younger generation of consumers more diverse aesthetic, the pursuit of individuality, inherent in the product has been difficult to meet their needs Up.



 U1 , the first product of usmile , with macaron color as the biggest highlight


As a result, usmile launched the first product U1 , adopting a new design language in appearance, using macaron color system, which is brighter and more lively and softer than the cold industrial style in the past.


In addition, in terms of product functions, although wireless charging is technically more advanced and more "high-tech" in the public perception, usmile has found that Chinese toilets are not as big as foreign ones, and there can be a special socket to put them. Chargers, so that many people can't find the charging base or are too lazy to charge, the electric toothbrush eventually becomes a "manual toothbrush".


In addition, the battery life of charging is also a headache for many users. Some electric toothbrushes on the market have a battery life of only a few days to a few weeks, but it takes 20 hours to charge , or a dedicated electric toothbrush charger is required for daily use and travel. It is not convenient.


As a result, on the one hand, usmile extended the battery life to 180 days, which can be used for half a year on a single charge . On the other hand , it abandoned the popular wireless charging base on the market at that time and switched to the USB charging cable interface design. The mobile phone charging cable can also be used directly The electric toothbrush is charged and it is more convenient to use.



● The usmile interface can be easily adapted to the mobile phone charging line


"At that time, many people in the industry laughed at us, thinking that we were just messing around with useless things. As a result, today, except for Oral B , almost all of the industry now has wired charging models." Chen Jianqun said.


In 2016 , usmile launched its first product U1 . Since then, in 2017 and 2018 , usmile has launched only one product each year. However , the actual product behind the minimalist SKU has experienced more than 10 continuous iterations and improvements, and each iteration is also based on the understanding of consumer insights and trends, and defines the product in reverse.


▍Use from 0 to 1 : to seize the media's traffic dividend


After the product function points are solved, the more decisive thing is how to promote it. The rapid rise of usmile is largely because it "stepped" on the traffic dividends of WeChat public accounts and Xiaohongshu around 2016-2018 .


The person in charge of the usmile market told Brand Planet that in 2016 , when U1 was just launched , they found a huge problem: Tmall searches according to inventory logic. The higher the sales, the easier it is to be seen, which means that new products are very easy to see. It's hard to have a chance to get ahead.


At this time, the increase in traffic and content quality of the WeChat official account gave usmile an opportunity. "The relationship between the bloggers of the official account and their fans at that time was very trustworthy, like friends. They were also very careful about content, a bit like the current UP owner of station B , and they cherish feathers very much."


So usmile tried to send the product to the official account blogger. After the blogger selected it, he and the brand co-created content and recommended the product to fans. U1 has only been on the market for half a year, and usmile has probably voted for more than 100 public account bloggers. In this way, Usmile has accumulated the first batch of high-quality fans, and gradually diverted to Tmall and Youzan Mall.


But this is not enough. Brand growth requires larger and more efficient traffic pools. In 2017 , usmile saw the little red book which is on the rise.


Usmile said that at that time the ecological environment of Xiaohongshu was healthy and real, and bloggers would recommend products only after they have experienced it. At that time, in 2017 , Usmile 's new product Y1 was launched, which continued the Macaron color of U1 . The design adopted a more elegant Roman column handle, which was more fresh and girlish in appearance. On Xiaohongshu, which is mainly composed of women, this "Roman column" quickly became popular.



 usmile Y1 inspired by Roman columns


2018 years, the "Roman" with sales exceeding 1 million, 2020 -present, Y1 sales have exceeded 3 million on sales of more than 15 Wan handle.


▍Emotional aspect determines the communication between brand and users


Usmile product manager Liu Ming once mentioned, "A good product has two factors, one is "functions" and the other is "emotional aspects." In a market with surplus products and difficult consumer decision-making, functional value is a must. The "emotional aspect" depends on whether you can communicate with users and bring new emotional value."


Usmile places great emphasis on "aesthetics" in its brand image and external communication. In 2019 , it has successively launched limited collaboration models for young artists, limited national style series, and co-branded limited Memphis series co-designed with LV designers. In 2020 , it also co-branded with the Metropolitan Museum of America. Through brand collaboration and big IP co- branding , Give products more aesthetic and emotional value.


They are usmile national style series, LV designer collaboration models, and metropolis joint series


"If usmile is a small electrical appliance brand today , it might be difficult to do this," said founder Chen Jianqun. But when usmile puts its position in the fast-moving field, they can keenly capture the new pop culture and react quickly, instead of following the original marketing routines of small household appliances.



 Usmile 's liquid toothpaste "anti-sugar small square bottle"


At the same time, usmile also put forward the brand concept of "care for the mouth like skin care", and its communication angle can also reflect its fast-moving positioning: insight into women’s habit of eating sweets and drinking milk tea, and launched "anti-sugar recipes" outside of electric toothbrushes. "Bottle" toothpaste ; mouthwash borrowed the concept of "anti-ageing" in the skin care category and launched the "essence mouthwash", which provides a brand new marketing and consumer communication perspective for this category.



usmile "Essence Mouthwash" puts forward the concept of oral anti-aging


Including the implantation of "In the name of the family" mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is not common in the category of electric toothbrushes. After this implantation, usmile has reached more user circles from a relatively niche brand, and successfully made the brand out of the circle.


▍A more imaginative future than electric toothbrushes


In the early days, usmile has been focusing on the iteration and innovation of electric toothbrush single products, cutting into star single products, locking target users and channels, and quickly occupying the market. In this regard , the person in charge of the usmile marketing gave his own explanation, "A startup brand must solve the success of the smallest unit business at the very beginning and verify its business model."


The market has verified the success of this category with data, and then usmile began to enter a larger scene-the oral care track.



A collection of usmile 's electric toothbrush series and FMCG product lines


Chen Jianqun found that the oral care brands currently on the market have a clear distinction between "charged" and "uncharged", and that the well water does not interfere with the river water.


Traditional "non-charged" brands, such as Negro, Colgate, Yunnan Baiyao and Listerine, mainly sell toothpaste and mouthwash. They have not entered categories such as electric toothbrushes and tooth cleaners with electronic circuits. Brands in the "live" category, such as Philips and Oral B , are positioned as home appliance brands, and have not yet entered the fast-moving category such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss.


This means that in the field of "comprehensive oral care specialists", there is a huge gap in the market, and there is not yet a brand that occupies users' perceptions and minds.


With both fast-moving thinking and R&D capabilities, usmile is very suitable for becoming a brand that takes both into account. On the one hand, it covers electronic toothbrushes that have thresholds for R&D and technology, and on the other it covers fast-moving products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Positioning a comprehensive oral care expert.


In addition to category expansion, the biggest move of usmile in October this year is to join forces with Huawei Honor to launch a new smart product "Starlight Brush", with HiLink chip implanted inside , which not only realizes the intelligence and visualization of brushing, but also connects to Huawei's smart home IoT. Ecological.



● "Star Brush" in cooperation between usmile and Huawei Honor


The cooperation between the two parties can be seen as a kind of complementarity and assistance. For Huawei, a technology giant, usmile 's deep insight into the market and the ability to communicate with consumers can help Huawei penetrate the oral care market more quickly, while improving its IoT ecosystem.


For usmile the access of the HiLink ecosystem means technological innovation, giving consumers a more comprehensive toothbrushing experience and service. For example, users can see various data records in the toothbrush through their mobile phones, and optimize toothbrushing through visual guidance Method ; you can also see the remaining days reminder of the brush head consumables, battery reminder and so on.


In the 5G era, smart interconnection also brings more possibilities to electric toothbrushes, such as synchronizing various data daily, monitoring oral health, and preventing potential physical diseases in advance through the oral cavity. Consumers can also get more refined Oral care services.


▍Brand planet view


After reviewing the development of usmile , Brand Planet believes that its FMCG positioning has brought many new possibilities to electric toothbrushes. Starting from a star product, usmile selects the right media and channels to quickly occupy consumer awareness, and then gradually expands its product line horizontally around the oral care scene. On the brand side, it uses big IP co- branding , film and television drama implantation, and endorsers to communicate with consumers to convey a more humane and emotional brand impression.


Just like in "In the name of a family", usmile is not only a toothbrush implanted, but also appears as a full- scale oral care clinic, integrating the core and spirit of oral care into the plot, borrowing brothers to sisters The guardian conveys usmile 's brand concept of "Guardian users' smiles". At the same time, this also reflects its larger space in the consumer field in the future-starting with electric toothbrushes, but not only there.