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Interstellar Yuedong is fully upgraded, and the parent company of usmile starts a multi-brand strategic layout

On December 29, 2020, the parent company of usmile was changed from Guangzhou Haoxing Bay Technology Co., Ltd. to Guangzhou Interstellar Yuedong Co., Ltd.

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

According to official explanations, Guangzhou Interstellar Yuedong Co., Ltd. is positioned as a "world's leading technology and beauty care group", focusing on two major areas of health and beauty, and has a multi-brand layout. "Interstellar Yuedong" means that each brand under the group is a bright planet, gravitationally coordinated with each other, forming the group interstellar, centering on "smart life" and "technical consumables", to subvert the leading innovative technology and provide every modern consumer Those who bring a pleasant experience of scientific and technological beauty care, and lead the new life of generation Z beauty care consumption.

At present, Star Joy has China's first comprehensive oral care brand usmile and the cutting-edge scientist beauty care brand Kitty Annie.

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

As a high-tech beauty care company with a strong upward momentum, Interstellar has attracted the attention of the industry and capital since its birth. The core team members come from Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Philips, Danone, etc., covering fields such as scientists, dermatologists, engineering technical experts, designers and artists. Among them, the R&D team has more than 10 years of industry experience A team of senior engineers.

In 2016, the first sub-brand of Interstellar Yuedong, the comprehensive oral care brand usmile, was launched. With its extremely innovative products, usmile has won 13 global industrial design awards such as Red Dot and IF, and more than 150 exclusive patents. In the first half of 2020, the sales volume of usmile far surpassed Oral B, breaking the monopoly of electric toothbrushes by European and American brands. In the "Double Eleven" event, it became China's first oral care brand with sales exceeding 100 million yuan. Many domestic and foreign brands. In the first quarter of 2021, usmile achieved corner overtaking on the oral circuit, surpassing Philips in market share.

On the oral care track that has been gradually heating up in recent years, usmile is undoubtedly a dark horse running wild, bringing huge boost and hope to the entire industry. And behind the company name change and the launch of the listing process, does it imply that the next battle has begun?

Subdivide the track, take care of the oral cavity like skin care

In recent years, oral care has become an important outlet. Starting in 2017, the growth rate of online sales of electric toothbrushes has remained above 69% throughout the year. Online market monitoring data provided by AVC shows that in 2020, the retail sales of electric toothbrushes will reach 7.412 billion yuan, and the retail volume will be 40,807,900.

But at the same time, the current penetration rate of electric toothbrushes in China's first-tier cities is about 10%. In lower-tier cities, this data is far from it. Compared with the nearly 50% penetration rate in Europe and America, it is far from it. Obviously, the needs of the oral care market are real, and with the popularization of comprehensive oral care market education and the continuous upgrade of consumption, this "cake" will be continuously subdivided. At the same time, the domestic market has also seen the phenomenon of making the "cake" bigger and bigger, and even becoming a "new cake".

Since entering the Chinese market for more than 20 years, the technology, market and industrial chain of electric toothbrushes in China have been relatively mature, and mobile media and e-commerce platforms have also promoted its market development.

In the context of low penetration rate but rapid demand release, the oral care industry has become a new blue ocean. Correspondingly, more and more companies are starting to pour into this track Nuggets, and emerging brands are accelerating their enclosure.

At the time of the birth of usmile, brands of different “campaigns” played their respective strengths and lay out in the oral care market. Brands such as Negro, Colgate, Yunnan Baiyao and Listerine mainly cut into the market from FMCG products such as toothpaste and mouthwash; while old foreign brands such as Philips and Oral B are mainly positioned in the field of small household appliances, and have not yet covered toothpaste and gargle. Oral care fast-moving products such as saliva. At the beginning of the brand establishment, usmile positioned the comprehensive oral care field and laid out a comprehensive oral care product line. Based on the consideration of the oral care consumption structure and demand, it used electric toothbrushes as the “stepping stone” to enter the market and gradually leveraged a larger market.

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

According to the "Report on the Latest Trends in Oral Care Industry 2020", in 2020, almost all major categories of oral care will usher in growth, which is not only reflected in the growth of core categories such as electric toothbrushes and mouthwashes, but also in the range from dental floss to flushing. The category upgrade brought about by the shift in the share of dental appliances. At the same time, 31% of consumers purchase more than two categories at the same time to meet the needs of oral care. All this shows that domestic consumers are in the habit of comprehensive oral care. During the development period, user penetration is constantly deepening.

While other brands in the industry are competing for traffic, usmile is already focusing on the demands of different consumer groups, exploring the pain points of specific oral care scenarios, and providing effective solutions to gradually develop the product line in the direction of diversification, refinement and intelligence.

According to official interpretation, as China's first comprehensive oral care brand, usmile advocates "care for the mouth like skin care" and is committed to improving the oral health of the whole people. With the brand concept of analogy skin care, it allows consumers to understand comprehensive oral care more easily and quickly. We not only see that usmile provides a new perspective for the industry on consumer communication, but also sees its refined development of oral care. Deep insight.

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

Based on the status quo of Chinese oral care and the goal of universal oral care health education, usmile, in conjunction with domestic and foreign authoritative institutions and professional dentists, jointly defines the three development stages of oral care-primary stage, growth stage, and mature stage. From meeting the basic needs of teeth cleaning, pursuing advanced oral health care, to realizing the improvement of personal image beauty, it leads consumers to gradually realize the maturity of personal oral care.

Focusing on subdivided oral care scenarios, usmile lays out a comprehensive oral care product line in a "technology + consumables" model. It is understood that usmile's products have covered most areas of oral care. In addition to the main products, sonic electric toothbrushes and dental flushers, there are also dental floss, toothpaste, tooth powder, mouthwash, tooth paste, mouth spray and other oral care peripheral products. Regardless of whether the consumer's needs are cleanliness, whitening, or fresh breath, there is a product and a function to help consumers quickly solve problems through professional matching and formula disassembly.

At the same time, usmile also cooperated with professional dentists at home and abroad such as Chen Qi, the academician of Orthodontics of Edinburgh, to define the four major steps of oral care for Chinese people, and popularize the correct oral care method for the whole people-the first step is to remove the residue between the teeth; the second step is to thoroughly Clean your teeth; the third step is to maintain fresh breath; the fourth step is to enhance your personal image.

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

It can be seen that through the understanding of comprehensive oral care, usmile effectively solves the oral health problems of consumers with scientific and reasonable product matrix and subdivided care steps, and leads the progress of oral health industry with professional and cutting-edge cognition, and changes domestic oral care. The status quo of singularity and backwardness truly regards the popularization of national oral care education as its brand mission.

Facing the challenge, the brand power is the moat

In the past 2020, usmile and the Metropolitan Museum have jointly launched a new joint product. It has also become the first electric toothbrush brand to achieve oral education through customized implantation of TV drama IP and social entertainment as an entry point. During the Double 11 period, the wishing activity with #1001支刷# detonated Weibo. With the emotional marketing activities that went out of the circle again and again, usmile quickly occupied the minds of young consumers.

In the "Double Eleven Shopping Festival" event last year, usmile became China's first electric toothbrush brand with a breakthrough of 100 million yuan by virtue of its outstanding performance, ranking first in the sales list of new oral care brands, and occupying the electric toothbrush category hotspot list The top three of the single. At the end of last year, usmile was listed on Tmall’s “Top Ten New Brands in 2020” list.

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

However, the rapid growth of usmile has not only attracted the attention and pursuit of capital and consumers, but also ushered in more challenges. Similar to most new categories in the market, electric toothbrushes are also facing "tests" on the road at high speeds.

An emerging brand must not only rely on explosives, channels, marketing and traffic to get out of the circle, but to form a long-term and stable brand barrier, it must have brand power as a supporting "cornerstone." The brand potential needs to be precipitated, and it cannot be shaped by short-term marketing. Brands that can truly be continuously recognized by consumers often build a good communication relationship with consumers based on their products, and make them empathize with the brand and move toward a loyal and friendly relationship.

Understanding marketing can only open the market, and only good products can truly own the market. On the product development side, facing the individual demands of different consumers, usmile has deployed multiple product lines, not only covering the mass groups such as student parties, young people in small towns, newcomers in the workplace, and middle-class elites, but also taking care of orthodontics, children and pregnant women. The segmented oral care needs of special niche groups, and continue to spread to more groups of people.

In addition to user research and accurate portraits in the early stage of product creation, usmile also provides consumers with immersive product experience opportunities through offline pop-up stores such as "Hey Technology Research Institute", which not only enhances consumers' three-dimensional image of the brand It has completed the oral health education for consumers, opened up effective communication channels between brands and users, retrieved user feedback faster and more accurately, and optimized products in reverse.

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

On the production side, usmile insists on piloting with technology, and continues to develop and iterate with self-researched technology, giving the product the core "hard power". Currently, usmile has 79 technical patents and has won 13 international design awards. At the same time, usmile is also working with international dental experts to build a multi-functional laboratory and increase investment in independent research and development, including formula research and development, improvement, and upgrades.

For the frontier of electric toothbrushes, usmile also continues to explore. In October last year, usmile joined the strategic cooperation of Huawei Honor 1+N+8 and jointly released a dual-brand ecological chain product-Starlight Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush. The Starlight Brush is implanted with a Bluetooth chip and connected to Huawei's Honor Hilink ecosystem, which realizes the intelligence and visualization of brushing, and guides users to optimize the brushing method-users can view brushing records, choose brushing mode, and set brushing on the mobile phone. You can even customize the starting position of brushing. This cooperation is more like a forward-looking layout, from which we can see usmile's willingness to embrace IOT.

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

In the quality control process, both the internal and external partners of usmile brand have established ISO9000 quality management systems, covering the entire production cycle of product raw materials, production, and transportation, and a team of experienced industry experts supervises and escorts "everything that reaches consumers Products, we must first be willing to buy and use."

At present, usmile’s online channels have covered multiple platforms such as Tmall, JD, Youzan, etc. Since entering the first physical store in September 2019, the offline expansion plan has continued to exert force. So far, it has exceeded 3,000, covering Mid-to-high-end channels such as Watsons, Hangzhou Tower, Ito Yanghuatang, Yintai Xixuan, Sanya Duty Free, and professional offline channels such as dental clinics and chain pharmacies. According to official usmile, this number will be expanded to 5,000 this year.

While the brand continues to grow and the brand power continues to accumulate and precipitate, usmile has also become a comprehensive oral care national brand that accompanies a group of young consumers to grow together. The "yesterday" and "today" of the brand have been witnessed, and the "tomorrow" is worth looking forward to.

Multi-brand force, Qiqiu technology beauty care arena

The goal of Starcraft is not just to create a comprehensive oral care head brand. Since the company's establishment, Starcraft has defined a group and multi-brand development strategy and is committed to building a world-leading technology beauty care group.

As a new brand incubated under the strategic layout of the group, Kitty Annie cuts in from the other side of "Technology Beauty Care", defining the beauty care brand of cutting-edge scientists, focusing on the girl's skin, and is committed to using beauty equipment & functional skin care The organic combination of products breaks the limitations of traditional skin care, creates a new personalized beauty care experience for generation Z young consumers, while satisfying their demands for safety and efficacy.

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

星际悦动全面升级, usmile母公司开启多品牌战略布局

Since its establishment in 2020, Cat Annie has continued to lay out its product line around the "technology + consumables" model. At present, the brand has covered the three product series of hair removal devices, beauty devices, and skin care products, with a total of 18 SKUs. Among them, the hair removal device series products have been online for only a few months, and the monthly sales have exceeded 10 million.

In the field of skin care products, Cat Annie took the lead in formulating a "pure skin care standard" that is higher than the industry standard, listing a "taboo list" of 1,164 raw materials, and providing guarantees for product safety from the root; and by practicing minimalism Based on the product development principles of formula and synergy, taking dermatology as the starting point, we have developed a strong and gentle skin care product line to meet the overall needs of users for skin care. Up to now, Cat Annie has obtained 30 patents.

Just as the meaning given to "Interstellar Joy"-each brand under the group is a shining planet, mutual gravitational coordination, forming the group interstellar. In just over five years since its inception, usmile under Interstellar has grown into a leading brand in the comprehensive oral care industry, and the new sub-brand Cat Annie has officially started on the beauty and body track.

Subversion, innovation, Interstellar Dynamics continues to break through our imagination of the track, refresh our knowledge of the industry, enter the global science and technology beauty care market, and reconstruct the standard of oral health. In the future, can we see it compete with foreign heavyweights in the international arena? Can they win? I believe many people are willing to take a gamble on Interstellar Joy.