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How to effectively dialogue with consumers? Here is a hey tech coup

The more advertisements are put on, the more puzzled brands will be. Why is it more and more difficult for consumers to pay?

In the era of decentralized media, it seems that the communication channels between brands and consumers have increased, but in fact, the difficulty of communication between the two parties is also increasing. Consumers are becoming more fragmented in information consumption, and their immunity to a wide range of marketing information is also continuously strengthening.

In addition, many marketing messages are often self-talking, which can neither guide consumers to buy, nor can they create brand impressions that affect consumer decision-making in the long term. How can we establish an effective dialogue with consumers in the new marketing era? It has become a big problem for many brands.

In the past few days, the professional oral care brand usmile has just made a good example of communication.

This national tide brand, which advocates "skin care and oral care", only took less than 5 years to obtain an 11.2% share of the electric toothbrush category on the Tmall platform, ranking second , and for many consumer brands , The cycle to achieve this result may take 5-10 years, or even longer.

This makes people wonder, how did usmile go beyond the long brand growth cycle to achieve rapid growth?

This time it used a new product launch conference and a pop-up store to show the story of how the brand establishes an effective dialogue with consumers. We also seem to have touched this new brand quickly from behind the marketing of this pop-up store. A trace of the rise.




"Hey Institute of Technology"

Three-dimensional communication brand impression


In recent years, offline experience communication methods have been constantly changing, and the development of the retail industry has been exploring the elements that make consumers throb, especially in the long vacation after the long "home period", the "time-limited" brand is fast Flash experience stores are popular again, and usmile has also caught up with this wave of refurbishment. The fresh experiences brought by pop-up stores often produce stronger appeal.


From October 1st to 5th, the usmile pop-up store "Hey Technology Research Institute" officially debuted in Hangzhou West Yintai City. On October 3rd, it joined hands with brand spokesperson Zhang Xincheng to release a new smart product jointly developed with Huawei Honor-Xingguang Acoustic Electric toothbrush. There was a surging crowd of people on the site, and the online Moments were frequently swiped, and the topic of usmile #刷出嘿科技# was hotly discussed on the social platform -as of the end of the event, the reading volume of related topics on Weibo has exceeded 220 million.


Just a press conference, why can it get high attention? What is the charm of this pop-up store, usmile?

As soon as the word "Hey" came out, with its own picture and sound effects, a smile with big white teeth appeared in front of my eyes; "Science and Technology Research Institute" represented professionalism and cutting-edge. It is not difficult to see that the name is an extension of usmile's brand concept of "supporting technology and protecting users' smiles".


The pop-up store is divided into multiple experience zones-Metropolis Joint Art Space, 5G Hey Technology Exhibition Area, Hey Technology Micro Bubble House, Dental Formula Exhibition Area, and Aesthetic Highlight Area. The combination of each exhibition area constitutes a three-dimensional "usmile three-dimensional brand impression."

Approaching the "Hey Institute of Science and Technology", the first thing I saw was the smiling card machine outside the store. Participants smile in front of the screen and take pictures of themselves, and their smile scores will be measured. Scanning codes on their mobile phones can also save smile photos and receive small gifts of rights. The brand uses this kind of small game to attract users to interact and participate, deepen the user's brand impression in the game, and strengthen the brand's mind with a smile.


After checking in with a smile, we entered the store from a circular water-light entrance with a futuristic sci-fi style, and a journey of fantasy aesthetics and art began.

The first visual impact was the joint art space between usmile and Metropolis.

The main visuals of the exhibition area are two well-known collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art-"The Bridge on the Water Lily Pond" and "The Wheat Field and Cypress", creating an immersive three-dimensional immersive aesthetic space. Oral care products such as electric toothbrushes and mouthwashes jointly named by usmile and scene paintings are also placed in the space. When you check in and take pictures, you can easily perceive the artistic beauty of the products.


After "Metropolis", participants can follow the indoor movement and enter the 5G Hey Technology Exhibition Area and Hey Technology House.

Among them, the 5G technology exhibition area is mainly based on sterile pipelines and technology interactive screens. Through differentiated displays and creative video introductions, it demonstrates the three major technological capabilities of brand products, such as long battery life, microbubbles, and power motors; combined with mirror design to reflect technology A sense of the future of space. Participants stand in between, as if standing in a laboratory of the future.



Located in the center of the store, Hey Technology House is the first choice for everyone to swarm to punch in. It displays the microbubble cleaning ability of electric toothbrushes more intuitively in front of users.

The exhibition area created a micro-bubble house based on the technological power of micro-bubble. Stepping into the Hey-tech house is like walking with large and small flowing bubbles. It is in line with usmile’s "net cleaning power of micro-bubbles deep into the teeth" and conveys it. Brand mind like Microbubble Cleaner. Hey Science and Technology House will also present different bubble images at different times, which are fantastic and gorgeous, attracting many visitors to take pictures frequently.




The following highlight endorsement area lists usmile's past master products and design awards at home and abroad. This time, technology and aesthetics are within reach.



On the opposite side, usmile’s oral formula exhibition area is scrolling. According to different oral problems, usmile will provide a perfect solution to oral problems, according to different oral problems, whitening, sensitivity, and tone, and it is equipped with various series of oral products. From dental floss, mouth spray, mouthwash, electric toothbrush, etc., it perfectly conveys the ultimate professional sense of "care of the mouth like skin care".


In this "Hey Technology Research Institute", usmile used technology strength, aesthetics and art, professional endorsement, and product reach to have an intimate contact with consumers, and completed a three-dimensional modeling of brand impression in consumers' hearts.

The immersive experience of "Hey Technology Research Institute" has created a deep impression for consumers. At the same time, stunning visuals and fantasy immersive technology simultaneously reduce the difficulty of consumers' understanding of 5G Hey technology, making brand fashion fun The impression is easily passed on to consumers.

What is more worthy of reference for many brands is that after usmile conveys the brand concept through an immersive experience , through the grass - planting product experience , brand and product education for the audience , further enhance the brand reach and communication effect this time.





Unlock trick interaction

Expanding two-line self-propagation

In addition to the horizontal and comprehensive display of brand content, usmile also considers the depth of communication. Different from the one-way output of the brand to consumers in the past. "Hey Technology Research Institute" also provides consumers with an interactive and display platform . Especially for the younger generation who pay attention to "participation", "participation" is the key to converting ordinary consumers into loyal fans.

In the "Hey Science and Technology Research Institute", all kinds of cool exhibition area installations have preset locations where they can check in and take pictures, for consumers to check in, take pictures, and share. After sharing, there is a chance to receive product experience for free, with a limited time Shop purchase rights; this successfully spread the influence of offline pop-up stores from offline to online . Behind the cool technology is the seemingly lifelike thing of brushing teeth, which creates a strong sense of contrast and curiosity, attracting more people to go.



The rules of activities that encourage self-propagation are enough to see that usmile's eyes will not be limited to the crowd participating in pop-up stores. When playing with consumers offline, online dissemination is also going on simultaneously-the usmile smile test H5 is also launched with the opening of the pop-up store.



This H5 "Hey Technology" smile value test gimmick itself can arouse people's curiosity and attract participation. In addition, the logic of sharing photos in offline pop-up stores is the same. The public, especially young people, have always had a strong desire to express and share on social platforms. Usmile's H5 actually gives users a chance to take photos and share their moods. . Coupled with a certain amount of benefit guidance, H5 is easier to attract users to participate and share, and drive wider self-dissemination.

It has opened up the fancy online and offline interaction. For usmile, on the one hand , it has opened up the dual-line traffic pool channel. Guided by offline activities, online H5 will obtain initial traffic, and with the help of H5 fission, offline activities will also be paid attention to by more users. Two-way communication combined forces to achieve better communication effects. 

On the other hand , this will further deepen the impression of the brand's "technological aesthetics", and spread the "brush out technology" more widely, and strengthen the brand's mind. More importantly, H5 can also directly import traffic to the e-commerce platform to achieve a product effect landing.




Spokesperson bonus

Highly attract social attention

In addition, the highlight of "Hey Technology Research Institute" is that there are brand spokesperson bonuses.


The opening of "Hey Science and Technology Research Institute" chose the three-in-one model of pop-up store, new product launch conference, and spokesperson meeting , which just solved the "dilemma of low initial traffic and no topic" faced by most brand pop-up stores.



With the two big hits of "In the Name of Family" and "Sydney Stewed with Rock Sugar" in 2020, usmile's spokesperson Zhang Xincheng, whose popularity has soared, created a lot of favorite fans with usmile at the meeting held by the "Hey Institute of Science and Technology" Topic—Six consecutive shots with new smiles, sharing secrets of tooth care, quick questions and answers, and intimate interaction with fans...These contents have since become the secondary communication materials for pop-up stores and brands.


Zhang Xincheng was also photographed as a vlog in the pop-up shop, and the offline and online linkage broke the social communication barriers, drove the online influence of the "Hey Institute of Science and Technology", and attracted more fans to come to check in. The fan group was originally the main force of social communication on various platforms. Under their promotion, usmile "Hey Institute of Science and Technology" is easier to get out of the circle.

It is worth mentioning that the bonus of the spokesperson is not only on the topic of traffic, but also on the brand impression.

In this summer family healing drama "In the Name of Family", usmile once combined the concept of "protecting the smile of the whole family" and accurately implanted usmile products into the drama, conveying to more audiences the idea of "protecting the oral health of the whole people". The original intention of the brand. Usmile's spokesperson Zhang Xincheng played the warm boy He Ziqiu in the play, which is even more popular among fans. Similar to the implantation of the spokesperson this time, this pop-up store’s meet-and-greet is actually based on the image of the spokesperson to reinforce the warm-hearted guardian image of the usmile brand.



Obviously, when constructing the content of dialogue with consumers through the "Hey Technology Research Institute", usmile has long thought about how to attract the crowd and spread the influence-through the landing communication of this pop-up store, usmile is embedded A larger range of brand impression transmission.

"Pop-up stores three-dimensionally communicate brand impressions + set up interactions to encourage users to participate in self-propagation + new product launches and display product experience upgrades + celebrity meetings to strengthen brand emotional links" -in fact, it is not difficult to summarize the model for usmile to establish an effective dialogue with consumers.

Generally speaking, it is user -centered-making a fuss around user impressions and emotional experience, and using user participation to increase brand perception and continue to spread brand influence.

This is a strategy that most consumer brands are worth learning: "Thinking to talk" is equivalent to "talking"-most non-professional consumers are not interested in the product or the brand itself, and they want to learn more about "updates" , Higher technology and better products, what changes can I bring to my life?"

Just like usmile, only by identifying consumers' content preferences, selecting appropriate creative forms and channels, and "talking to consumers" can we establish an effective "dialogue." All in all, there is always nothing wrong with a marketing strategy that revolves around consumers .